Martha's senior show farm

This blog is the devoted receptacle, and later the devoted head courters for Martha's Senior Fashion Show.

For now it will function as to collect inspiration for make up, hair, presentation, techniques and thematic build up. Stick around, it's gonna be wicked.

“The worst part of success is trying to find someone who is happy for you.”

—   ― Bette Midler (via psych-quotes)

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So basically: elephants almost done now


So basically: elephants almost done now


So elephant is coming along nicely!


So elephant is coming along nicely!

Today I learned that I was chosen to close the senior show at lasell.

Through hard work and a damn good attitude I have worked harder than I ever have in my entire life to get to this point.

Though no one in the real world cares; at Lasell the finale spot of the senior show is coveted and listed after by every senior in the design dept., and I was chosen to fulfill that role.

This year I have been terrorized, threatened, mocked, and bullied to the point even seeking police action; and yet it all culminated in me getting the end of the senior show and being chosen to present at Natick.

Wherever you are, what ever your dreams IF YOU WORK hard, you study hard and you devote and submit yourself to your craft, you will be successful. I am truly blessed and grateful for the life I’ve been given and for the opportunities I’ve had.

Nothing can stop me. Not you, not anyone.

The Cirque de Ames is dedicated to Christian Taylor “Fergie” Ferguson because he wasn’t able to live his life, so I’ve dedicated myself to living it for him.


How do you fabrics : Franz Xaver Winterhalter (20 April 1805 – 8 July 1873)

German painter and lithographer, known for his portraits of royalty in the mid-nineteenth century. He was a virtuoso in the art of conveying the texture of fabrics, furs and jewellery, to which he paid no less attention than to the face. He painted very rapidly and very fluently, designing most of his compositions directly in the canvas. His portraits are elegant, refined, lifelike, and pleasantly idealized.

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I got chosen to present at the NATICK collection! I’m so thrilled that I was selected and I just wanted to show what went


zombiekatee the-noble-almost-human-porpoise gollygeeapathy


Small things remain and I still need to finish Elehpant, but FOR NOW WE ARE 7/8ths done!

So exciting and thank you to everyone who’s making this possible



Shout out to zombikate for being a fucking fantastic model